Christmas Gifts Among Siblings

Our kiddos draw names for Christmas giving.  They love being able to focus all their available resources on one person, and I love listening to their ideas as they plan and plot each year.

Last year we required them to make a gift for their recipient, and it was really neat to see what each child came up with.  The littlest ones had a bit of help :)


Nine-year-old sister made a fancy mirror from a kit for seven-year-old sister





Five-year-old sister made a cookie mix with cute label for 13-year-old brother





One-year-old brother made a necklace with a photo of himself for nine-year-old sister- he had a little help ;)





13-year-old brother made a t-shirt for 11-year-old brother's in-house backrub business




We don't have photos of the last two, but seven-year-old sister made a whole gallon-sized Ziploc bag of chocolate chip cookie dough balls for 15-year-old brother.  She fetched them from the freezer for him on Christmas morning.  15-year-old brother made a cute little monkey shirt for one-year-old brother.  We giggled every time he wore it.

This year the kids have to buy or make a t-shirt for their chosen sibling.  So far the choices have been really fun, and I like that the gifts are practical and personally chosen with the recipient in mind.  Budget accommodating, too!