Marvelous Monday- LITERATURE

I know I just talked your ears off last Marvelous Monday when we covered history, so I promise I won't be quite so chatty this time.

It sounds so nice and thoughtful of me, but really the truth is that I don't have terribly a lot to write about literature curricula because I'm one of those odd types who believes you should just READ. Forget the snippets chosen by some so-called expert and regurgitated with insipid questions in a literature text. Pick up a good book and read to your kids. Then make lists of books you want them to read by the time they leave your home and have them READ.

The list I've used most over the years when deciding on good literature for our home is The 1,000 Good Books List. I also scan the Veritas catalog and the Sonlight catalog: Veritas for its solid classic picks and Sonlight for its unique Christian content, such as missionary biographies and the like. Our own lists are here.

Our junior highers and high schoolers utilize the Veritas Press Omnibus curriculum, and through that they get a deep and wide discussion of literature. But before then, we simply read.

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