The beach.

My parents always had a home at the beach when I was growing up, and so summers, weekends, and holidays were spent there.  Some of my happiest memories.

While I was raised and continue to live in the midst of farmland, I really relate more to a beachy way of life.  No shoes, a good book, a hot sun, a lot of water.

One of my strategies for making it through this very demanding season of my life is to get to the beach more often.  Today my husband bid me and the oldest six an early farewell, and he graciously and lovingly stayed home with the two little guys so the rest of us could go home to the beach.

It's a question oft posed in our house: why do we live here?  Doubtless God has put us here for countless many reasons, and our home is a funny contrast of beach house in the middle of almonds orchards and cows.  But we don't picture ourselves here forever.  The beach calls too loudly, and I just can't ignore the Pacific Ocean.