Frugality, the Grocery Bill, and the Large Family, Part Three

Ready to organize your coupons?  These are the categories I use:

Baby- Diapers
Baby- Products
Baby- Wipes
Bags- Containers
Bags- Foils and Plastics
Bags- Trash
Baking- Mixes
Baking- Oils/Sugar/Flour
Canned- Fruit
Canned- Meat
Canned- Veggies
Canned- Soup
Cleaner- Bathroom
Cleaner- All-Purpose
Cleaner- DIsh
Cleaner- Disinfectant
Cleaner- Floor
Cleaner- Furniture Polish
Cleaner- Glass
Cleaner- Laundry
Dairy- Beverage
Dairy- Cheese
Dairy- Sour Cream, Cream Cheese, Butter
Dairy- Snacks
Dairy- Yogurt
Frozen- Beverage
Frozen- Bread
Frozen- Ice Cream
Frozen- Meat
Frozen- Veggies, Fruit, Potatoes
Frozen- Snacks
Health Food
Hygiene- Band Aids
Hygiene- Deodorant
Hygiene- Face
Hygiene- Feminine
Hygiene- Hair
Hygiene- Lotion
Hygiene- Medicine and Vitamins
Hygiene- Shaving
Hygiene- Soap
Jelly/Peanut Butter
Office Supplies
Paper- Kleenex
Paper- Cups/Plates
Paper- TP
Paper- Towels and Napkins
Salad Dressing

There is nothing new under the sun, and I got this idea from Crystal at Money Saving Mom- love that girl! Tipnut has other methods and how-tos.

You can accumulate coupons from various sources.  We don't actually get the newspaper but my in-laws do and give me their coupons, plus my mom faithfully clips hers and sends them to me.  That's an incredible ministry!  Sunset Magazine has had quite a few these past two issues, as does All You Magazine found in WalMart stores.  I scour every magazine that comes my way; most have at least a couple of coupons.

Increasingly, coupons online have become a large portion of my stash.  I print mine through My Points... you do know about MyPoints, right?  Every time you click through one of their emails you earn points, and when you purchase something through their links, you accumulate more.  Those points can be redeemed for gift cards to all kinds of stores.  In fact, I gave away five gift cards last Christmas as gifts, and I spent absolutely nothing on them!  I'll get some bonus points if you sign up from an email I send to you, so if you're considering this, would you let me know in the comments?  I can send the sign up email to you ASAP.

Next post I'll talk about other ways to save money and how to keep that budget under control.