Fall Schedule

So, how DO I keep two little preschoolers busy and content all morning long?  It's a question I've been praying about and pondering all summer long.  I even got panicky one night and with terror in my voice said, "I think I'm gonna cry!"

Roughly, here's our day. It's a flow chart wherein I keep an eye on the clock but don't remain rigid because life happens:

- Breakfast and devotions- everyone present

- Clean up (16-year-old and 14-year-old dismissed to start schoolwork)

- Circle Time:

2-year-old to play yard for 30 minutes

1-year-old to jumper with big brother nearby for 30 minutes


2-year-old to video for 30 minutes

1-year-old to play yard for 30 minutes


2-year-old to blanket time in school room for 15-30 minutes (depending on the time we need)

1-year-old to play pen in school room, same as above

- Chores (2-year-old likes to join siblings for chores, 1-year-old with Mommy)

- Read Aloud (2-year-old with us coloring, 1-year-old to video)

- Lunch

- Clean up

- Quiet Hour and a Half (16-year-old and 14-year-old get me for the last 30 minutes if they need help, 2 little guys go down for naps)

 - School work- I am available in the school room but tend to have some work to do- throw laundry in, fold laundry, file coupons, iron, knit, etc.

 - Free time- little guys up from their naps. In case you are wondering, they are in their beds for a total of three hours, whether or not they are sleeping the whole time. Typically as they get older I can hear them quietly playing in their cribs until someone comes to rescue them.

- Evening Chores and Zones (each child is responsible for one room or area of our home to tidy)

- Dinner and family worship/devotions at the table for now- captive audience ;)

- After dinner my husband and I make ourselves available to the older guys who might need help with school work. Discussions after dinner are always fun, too. Little guys get baths and go to bed, and the rest are off to bed at staggered bedtimes.

Is that helpful? Can I answer any questions? I'll answer one right off the bat: Yes, this will be tweaked and changed. Needs never stay static and I guarantee the schedule will morph come December when water polo gets thrown in the mix. But guess what happens in January? We'll have another driver. Can I hear a hearty "Amen"? :D