Balancing Academics and Life: Wisdom from Elizabeth

I've written several times about one of my favorite authors/bloggers/internet mentors, Elizabeth Foss. I just soak in her blog posts, hoping to absorb her gentle spirit and her deep devotion to the Savior. I am not a Catholic mom, but I have learned so much from Catholic moms like Elizabeth and Holly Pierlot about being purposeful in our prayer lives and devotions.

I wrote to Elizabeth several years ago, and am not only pleased that she responded last week, I am encouraged that I'm not the only blogger who finds it difficult to respond to emails in a timely manner!  Can we just redefine "timely" to mean "within a couple of years?" I'd feel so much better. :)

Anyway, Elizabeth answered my question,  "How do you think moms can better maintain a balance between academic excellence and the nurturing of relationships with their children?  Are they mutually exclusive?" The answer is good.  Good good. This is why I love reading Elizabeth's blog.

♥ Kendra