How to Keep Workboxes From Running Your Life

I was also wondering if you have any great tips to share about planning for the workboxes. We are using them and I love them, but I am pretty sure you are not working to come up with new ideas every couple of nights- we all know your knack and necessity for getting things planned out ahead.


Ah, now this is an easy one to answer.  You know me- I like to do as much prep at one time as possible.  Do it and get it over with, so to speak.  So I sat down one evening during Christmas break and put together all the papers for one day's worth of work over and over again until I filled a legal box with several months' of work.  Looks like this:

(That finished worksheet shouldn't be in there but it made its way into the photo.)

Now on Sunday evenings all I have to do is pull out a week's worth at a time and drop them into the girls' workfiles.  I put a day's worth of work together, then another day's work together, etc., and stack them in alternating directions. Like this:

By the way, our 6-year-old doesn't have two names.  She signs everything with the name we gave her and the name she wishes we gave her. :)