Troubleshooting: Dawdlers and the Distracted Student

Hi Kendra-

Getting frustrated with a situation and just looking for some suggestions. My oldest is 8 and has trouble getting her work done in any sort of timely fashion-she just gets distracted by every little thing. I am doing school with the younger two while she does independent stuff (we do her 'with mom' time first). She is not struggling with the content and she does not have a ton to do...and I am struggling because I feel like we can't go on about our day because we shouldn't be a total distraction...just wondering if you have any ideas or have dealt with this. Thanks if you have the time-it's going to be a long school year at this rate because I also feel like I need to keep reminding her to be on task...

Alicia B

Hi Alicia-

Ummm, did my 8-year-old move into your house?

Yep. That's my girl who needs the Gospel these days! So here's what I do:

"Anne, sit still. OK, back to your math. Anne, turn around. Turn. Eyes on your paper. Stop it. You have ten minutes to finish your page. Anne. Sit down. No, you can't go to the bathroom."


I have told her that she has until 5 p.m. to finish or she'll be doing it by herself in the school room. That has helped tremendously, but it has taken a lot of months to get her there. So… patience, long-suffering, the Gospel.