{pretty, happy, funny, real} for 20 October, 2011

Just one photo today because it makes me happy:


Lego Lessons

That guy on the right is our 18-year-old son, and he was the first of the Lego-maniacs in our home. He built and built and built, and when he was about 12 we told him he needed to move on. One of the worst decisions of our parenting career; you live and learn, but some things make you cringe when you look back on them.

Anyhow, fast forward now to a busy 18-year-old taking the time from his college studies and work schedule to teach his 4-year-old brother how to make his Legos turn out like the creation on the box. Took them about a half hour, and the 4-year-old was in h e a v e n


round button chicken