Troubleshooting: How Do You Handle Sticky Family Situations?


A few months ago on our Facebook page, Catherine asked:

How do you handle extended family reunions (like at Christmas!) where the activities aren't something you want your children to participate in? For example, what should I do about movies that are "age appropriate" but that don't contribute to the values I want in my children?

So far, my best idea is to bring good movies, etc. but this isn't totally working. I don't want to come across as rude or super-spiritual, but want to do right by my kids.

By the way, I assume that your extended famliy doesn't have this issue, but wonder if you, or your readers, have any general wisdom to share from similar experiences.

Have you been in this situation, too? As I began to think about how to answer Catherine, a friend who has handled this so well with her children came to mind. Cheryl and I have so much fun chatting that we decided to just talk it out together and let you all in on our fun!

The recording is about 25 minutes long, so grab a cuppa something good and put your feet up. We're moms just like you ;)