Speech and Early Communication Ideas



Mighty Joe* has neuro-developmental therapy five days a week. We do four of those days, and a teenage friend helps one day. We also recently had him assessed at the Scottish Rite speech pathology program at a nearby university and discovered he's in serious need of speech and occupational therapy. I think he needs a second mother along with all this therapy because I'm not yet sure how this mother is going to accomplish all of these things. But God does, and I'm confident He's going with me.

Anyhow, one of the things we do for Joe's neuro-developmental therapy is practice common-to-us phrases over and over. I don't think these are specifically for little people who are struggling, because I think they'd be fun with emerging readers and preschoolers developing their speech and vocabulary.

You can put anything you like on the cards:



Just take a photo of what you're writing about, label it, then laminate. Easy peasy.


*Mighty Joe is our 3-year-old who suffered brain damage at 7 weeks old after contracting a deadly virus. He is missing major areas of the brain, including gray matter and his occipital lobe. He *should* be blind, seizing constantly, and incapable of many things, but God is making Joe be exactly who He wants him to be. If you'd like to read his story, start here.