{pretty, happy, funny, real} for December, 2011

Before I take the rest of the month off from blogging here, I have a few fun pictures to share for {pretty, happy funny, real}.

We lived in San Francisco way back when we were first married, and had our first two babies there. It's a beautiful city, but not a great place to live when you have no money, no parking space, and little guys in tow. We were blessed with a wonderful church family there, and we do like to go back now because we can navigate around the city very easily.

Recently my husband had a day-long CE course in San Francisco, and I got to tag along. I spent about 8 hours by myself, just walking around, browsing the store windows, and doing a little shopping. I only had my trusty iPhone, so the photos are what they are. Enjoy!

SF Skyline.jpg


First, a skyline shot from the 26th floor our our hotel. That's the bay beyond the buildings, and the little chimney stack building is Coit Tower.  I've been to many cities all over the world, and I do think San Francisco is among the prettiest.

SF Skating.jpg

The skating rink at Union Square and the Christmas tree were already up despite it being the weekend before Thanksgiving. The guy in a short-sleeve t-shirt is your first clue that the rink is in California ;)

SF Decorations.jpg

Shopping at Christmastime in any big city feels festive. There weren't any specatcular displays yet, but I did manage to snap a picture of snowflakes.

SF Cable Cars.jpg


Yes, there still are cable cars in San Francisco. That just makes me happy!

SF Beefeater.jpg

And this guy. He makes me happy (the one in red).

SF Sir Francis.jpg

He works here, at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel, where the doormen still dress like Beefeaters. Kinda cool.

Cranberry Bliss Bars.jpg

While I realize Starbucks' Cranberry Bliss Bars aren't specific to San Francisco, they make me dizzy with happiness. I gasped in delight when I saw them there! Really. Gasped.

SF Funny.jpg


Macy's windows featured live animals up for adoption by the SPCA. I just couldn't help myself; I had to snap a photo of this window gazer, who was enamored with the animals in the windows...

SF Gardenias.jpg


Growing up, my family frequently visited San Francisco. Often my dad would take me to see plays there, and he bought me a gardenia from a street vendor to pin onto my dress. I loved the heady scent, and whenever I pass gardenias in those inconspicuous brown boxes, I smile at the sweetness of my daddy to do such a thing for his little girl. That's not only real, it's pretty and happy, too.


Here's wishing your family has a merry and bright Christmas, with more JESUS every day.