Update on Our Mighty Joe

If you are somewhat new to Preschoolers and Peace, you may not know the story of our Mighty Joe. In a nutshell, he contracted a nasty virus when he was 7 weeks old that caused liver failure, kidney failure, heart damage, and brain damage.  I have the best readers in the world, and when Joe was fighting for his life, Preschoolers and Peace readers were praying and spreading his story around the internet.  If you'd like to read from the beginning,you can find it here.

But today I want to share with you an email I recently sent to friends and family, so you'll know how our little man is doing:

When Joe was fighting for his life after he contracted Enterovirus, we were told we could expect anything from a vegetative state to complete blindness to deafness to constant seizures to diabetes to a whole host of other issues.  So far, he is not a vegetable, his sight is perfect, he hears everything, he's had one seizure, and he hasn't developed diabetes.  Praise God!

We have, however, been concerned about what we thought were some developmental and speech delays.  Today we had him assessed by a team of 4 therapists at a local early intervention clinic.  Here's where he stands, and note that he is currently 33 months old, so these stages denote his development in months:

Social Development: 33 months (on target, but given his crazy social household, we're not terribly surprised!)

Communication: 22 months (expressive), 26 months (receptive)

Self-Help: 31 months (amazing, since his sisters wait on him hand and foot)

Gross Motor: 33 months

Fine Motor: 20 months

Cognitive: 21 months

What all this means is that he'll be getting some therapy in the next few months, and we'll likely need to watch him as he develops.  It also means his willing siblings need to back off and let the little guy fend for himself every once in awhile!

Thanks for loving Joe-