Busy Weekend, But Only Because We Wanted To

There's so much pressure on homeschooling moms. Teach Latin, bake bread, keep a house beautiful, grow your food, recycle, run a home business, attend the conventions, get your theology straight. Ugh.

We tackled a lot this weekend,but only because we wanted to. In fact, I was happy not doing a garden this summer, thinking of all the days I'd spend in a chair on the porch with a book, or trekking off to the beach because I'm totally in love with surfing and that's how I want to spend my summer.

But, I have this cute 9-year-old who really, really, really wanted to put in a garden. And she's been faithfully watering the weeds every day, which just proved to me that she'd actually do this thing if I helped her set it up. She's kinda irresistible, anyway.

So we started with six beds of weeds, except for one little corner of die hard Swiss Chard:

Then we pulled and dug and straightened the dirt:

This girl was the hardest worker I've ever had in the garden:

(and yep, she's my Sweet Carolinewho nearly lost her life last year)

Know what else we did? My girls and I cooked 4 dinners, 1 lunch, 1 breakfast, a double batch of rolls, and cookie dough for the freezer. Took us 4 hours yesterday, but only because we wanted to.

Look, no matter what you read, whom you hear speak, or who is homeschooling in front of you, only do what you want to do or have to do.Let the rest go.