The Best Post I've Read in a Long Time on Loving the Needy



My husband inspires me. He loves people well, and he wants them to know what Jesus did for them.

Recently a reader asked me on Facebook a question about serving others with our kids. She wrote, "Do you have any ideas for service opportunities as a family? We have 4 kids that are 6 and under. We currently go to the local rescue mission once a month with the older two and serve food. Have also gone to the local food bank and help sort. I know a nursing home may be another option."

Read Fletch's post about something he's been doing, and maybe it will inspire service opportunities that are doable for your family. And don't be afaid to get your hands dirty. The same God who calls us to love the poor and to preach the Gospel is the best protector of our children we'll ever, ever get.