Review: Beeyoutiful Skin Mineral Make-Up



I'm a make-up lover. Maybe it's my theater background or maybe it's vanity; either way I love to learn how to use it, purchase it, and wear it.

My daughters have picked up my happy attitude as well, and have been asking since they were about three when they get to wear make-up, too. Despite my love of the stuff, I'm not super keen on my lovely young ladies jumping into make-up before they're old enough to be sporting it.

And now I have a 13-year-old. When did THAT happen? We can share clothes and shoes, she polishes her nails consistently, and she waxes her eyebrows. This growing-up girl thing is hard on a mama!

When the opportunity to test Beeyoutiful's new line of mineral make-up called SKIN came up, I thought it might be the perfect starter line for my daughter. Because I am familiar with Beeyoutiful's other quality products (we use Supermom Vitamins, Miracle Skin Salve, and Berry Well in our home), I knew this was a make-up that would be good for Abby's skin. She, of course, was thrilled to be trying it, and soon she was wearing it every day.




Beeyoutiful's line of mineral foundation is 100% pure minerals, which means nothing is going on your skin that might cause you problems later on. If you require gluten free make-up, you're in luck there, too. When I was choosing a shade for Abby, I thought they had a good selection and we found one that worked perfectly for her fair skin. In fact, when she's wearing it, I can't tell. Her skin just looks smooth and bright but not overly-made-up.

The Beeyoutiful Skin website has a very helpful foundation matching guide and how-to videos that Abby found easy to understand and follow as a first-time make-up wearer.

Abby also loves the brushes. "They're soft and feel good!", she told me as I was questioning her about her experience with Beeyoutiful Skin.

She also is super happy with the eye shade we chose for her; Abby's eyes are gray so I went with a subtle purple that would bring out her beautiful smokey eye color. It has never been blotchy or overpowering; in fact, it is so subtle that it does exactly what I intended - it enhances but doesn't make her look like she's 25 and working as a barmaid ;)

Amazingly, Beeyoutiful Skin offers over 45 shades of eye color, and they can double as cheek and lip color, too! Add a little water to the blush and bronzers and you have a great lip gloss that goes with everything else you're wearing on your face. Brilliant and simple at the same time. Nice!

She'd better watch out, though. I might just be sneaking into her make-up bag and borrowing her Beeyoutiful Skin for myself!


Subtle, smooth, and bright. Daughters are beautiful, aren't they?






Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine. More Crew reviews of Beeyoutiful here.