Arch Books- Preschoolers Love Them!


Before I tell you why we love Arch Books here, I have to tell you that no one paid me to tell you that. This isn't an offical review, it's not a sponsored post (I don't do them), and no one co-erced me to write it. We just love Arch Books!

Know what else is really cool about them? They were some of my very favorite books when I was a preschooler. Many of the copies I read to my kids were mine, and I'm 42 years old. Those are some vintage books! Despite their paperback bindings, they've held together. Despite many of them having been read by my brother's kids, boxed up and shipped to us from Texas when they were finished with them, they are still being read here in our home. Just look at the publishing date:


I wasn't even born in 1964, but these little books have held their own.


The stories are simple enough for a preschooler but get to the heart of the Bible. Many of them are in an effortless rhyme, making reading a pleasure for mom and dad. They cover so many topics, from Old Testament to New, from stories little ones may already be familiar with (David and Goliath, the feeding of the 5,000) and some they might not yet have heard (Pentecost, Hezekiah).



This book about David and Goliath (The Boy With the Sling, now out of print) is the actual copy I grew up with, and my view of brave David was shaped by it. I love the line, "There is one reason that I came, You mock the Lord and . . . in His name I have power to conquer you!"



And Jesus, too. Gentle, kind, relational, merciful, gracious, loving. Arch Books helped me see Jesus with a child's eyes and love Him more.


David tells Saul he'll fight


Arch Books are economical, coming in at under three dollars each. I like to stick them in stockings or give them as little gifts. You could search for used copies, but at that price you really don't need to. Amazon carries them, or you can purchase them directly from Concordia Publishing House.