Looking to a New Year of Preschoolers and Peace and YOU!

Ahhhhh, Christmas! Was yours wonderful? Fun? Stressful? Relaxing? Difficult? Delightful?

Ours was a mix of people, events, too much food, sniffly noses, and a lot of nap-taking. I like that last one in particular. You, too?

The new year brings a lot of thoughtful planning for me, and I bet you are turning over some new leaves at your house, too. My desire for this 7th year of Preschoolers and Peace is to give you posts so chalk-full of the hope of the gospel and jam-packed with practical help that you can't help feeling encouraged every time you stop by!


Coming up in January we'll start with a meaty (read: long) post on homeschooling with a suddenly large family. Then we'll talk about homeschooling and mothering when dad has to be gone a lot on business. I'll point you to one of the best posts I've ever read on keeping little ones busy while homeschooling older kids, and we'll talk about the best books we read in 2012. I'm having a little sale on all the MP3's and Circle Time eBook, too.

Are you ready? What's your top priority goal for January?