Easy Dinner- Creamy Chipotle Shrimp Tacos

When we were recently in San Francisco, I had the tv on in the hotel room for maybe five minutes. In that time, I happened to see a Rick Bayless show about great little restaurant stands in Ensenada, and he showed them serving creamy chipotle shrimp. Rick went back to his studio and recreated creamy chipotle shrimp tacos, and I drooled.

That day I decided to just eat lunch in the cellar at Macy's, which in San Francisco is a little food court. Lo and behold there was one of Rick Bayless's restaurants called Frontera, and on the menu? Chipotle shrimp tacos. Score! So good, I had to make them at home. And then again. Now I keep getting requests.


Creamy Chipotle Shrimp


The recipe is here, and if you buy your shrimp on sale, it's a great weeknight meal. Quick and yummy.



Cilantro Lime Rice


I added cilantro lime rice, which my friend Caroline taught me to make like they do at Chipotle. Just add a squeeze of lime juice to taste and some chopped fresh cilantro. Easy!


Dorot Chopped and Frozen Herbs


My cheat for fresh herbs in the wintertime is Dorot brand. They chop them up, freeze them into little cubes, and then you can just add them frozen to whatever you're making. I buy them at my grocery store, often with a coupon, but I believe Trader Joe's carries them, also.



Add tortillas...


...and a simple spinach salad. Dinner is served!