Penpals and Make a Wish

My daughter Abby was given one of the greatest gifts of her life a few years ago. I was seeking a penpal for Caroline and one of my wonderful readers piped up and asked about a penpal from New Zealand for an older daughter (which I conveniently had!)


This is Abby:




And this is Emma:



These two girls have never met in real life, but they are thick as thieves. Their actual pen-to-paper relationship is sparse, but they Skype and email regularly. It isn't uncommon to hear Abby laughing heartily downstairs, and we all know it's Emma who's making her laugh.



Emma has "met" many of the people in Abby's life, from our French exchange student visiting again from Paris to Abby's teenage brothers' entourage of friends to professional musician Jon Troast. Abby has followed Emma's journeys in and out of the hospital and to the beach and back.

So Emma's mom Angela, who wrote a post here earlier this month, and I have had many talks about getting these two girls to meet someday. It has been a dream, and both girls have saved their pennies and been given monetary gifts to help the dream become reality. And then I received this message from Angela last week:

"Just heading out to get Em, but I thought I would let you know, that Make a Wish thinks Emma's wish to meet her penpal is a very cool wish. They are happy to consider her wish; it is all dependant on the insurance company. They decide on a case-by-case basis, as they usually only send kids as far as Australia.

They are willing to go further afield, if the insurance will agree to cover Em. The insurance company calls her specialists and reviews her last admission, to acertain if she would be ok or not to cover.

Would you pray with us, that if this is the way to go, the Lord will make a way? We have been told not to get our hopes up, as there have been two recent special cases, one approved, one declined. I am happy either way, as we will do it anyway.

We would never travel if we didn't think she was up to it, but the doctors are so happy to do all they can to get her there, so I know if and when it is time to travel, she will be in top shape. We sort of can't book tickets until the last minute though, that is the only stress we have, I need to know that she is good to go and then we will jump. on. that. plane!!"

SO exciting! A trip of a lifetime and a dream come true for two teen girls. Might I dare ask that you would pray with us, too?