Classic Re-Post: Drowning in Home Management, Part Two



So how are your Top Five lists coming along? We discussed this last time in Drowning in Home Management, Part One, and I'm hoping you had some time to quietly ponder what the five most important items on your agenda ought to be.  I loved reading your comments and lists and I am so glad I didn't post my five because yours varied so greatly.  What a creative God we have to make all of our homes so unique and wonderful.

My five are:

1. Nurture, guard, protect, and grow my relationship with the Lord
2. Nurture, guard, protect, and grow my relationship with my husband
3. Clothe our family
4. Feed our family and keep our home sanitary (I realize these are really two things here, but they’re both housekeeping related)
5. Educate our children

Obviously, many things can fall under each of those categories, but what was most important for me at the time was the ability to dismiss all of the things that don't fall under those categories.  And here's the bonus: when I was able to have something that wasn't under those categories (say, inviting another family over for pizza and games), it was a wonderful surprise. Had I expected to be able to do something off the list that never came to fruition, I would likely have been frustrated and disappointed.  My expectations most days match the reality of this season of my life.

In my next and last post on Drowning in Home Management, I'll go through each of my five items and try to show you what they look like from day to day.  In the meantime, keep making those lists and don't forget to share them with us!