Noah Estes, Homeschooling, and a Hands & Hearts Discount



I don't know how many of my readers know about Noah Estes, and so I'm going to share a link to his blog. Sweet Noah is the son of Jeff and Kate Estes, and he has a deadly illness called Mitochondrial Disease. It is killing him, literally.

I've loved the Estes family for a long time, before their precious Noah was born. My girlfriend knew of their fledgling business and pointed me in that direction when I was looking to spice up our history studies. Jeff and Kate have since grown Hands and Hearts into a great resource, one I've written about before and one each of our children has been so thankful for. Their history kits are quality and easy and oh-so-much fun.

Jump on over to Hands and Hearts and take a look, and if you see any kits you'd like to purchase, Kate is extending a generous discount for Preschoolers and Peace readers. Get free ground US shipping on any size order using the coupon code Peace.