Because He Loves Me- A Weekend with Elyse Fitzpatrick

God is so gracious to pour out over us exactly what we need when we need it, isn't He? I've been looking forward for some months now to the opportunity to hear one of my favorite authors speak on a topic I love -- the gospel-- YES! The gospel!

Elyse Fitzpatrick is a woman who understands the gospel so well, my friends, and if you haven't ever read any of her books, go hop over to Amazon or CBD and take a look. You will be blessed, because Elyse starts with the gospel and camps on the gospel and ends with the gospel. Saturated.

"Put to death everything you are doing to prove to yourself that you’re ok apart from Jesus Christ."

"As long as my heart is looking at my own progress, then I’m not looking at Jesus."

Those are gospel gems. Thanks, Elyse.


Me and Jessica Thompson

And then there's her daughter Jessica, with whom she wrote Give Them Grace. If you've read Preschoolers and Peace for awhile, you know how much God has used this book to change our parenting. We are so thankful.

Jessica and I have been emailing awhile, mostly because I'm geeky like that and one of you great readers told her I had been gushing about Give Them Grace. So we met yesterday and hugged and I snuck out of one of Elyse's sessions (sorry, Elyse) and we chatted and laughed and had quite a few "Aha!" moments when we realized we'd walked the same spiritual paths over the past few years. It was a gift, you know? A gift of grace.

I'm grateful tonight. God's gifts are abundant and good and joyful and pleasant and they all point us to the one who loves us so very, very much. He loves you so very, very much. As Elyse so adeptly put it -- that love? That's the wind in your sails.