Our Top Ten Must-Have Items



10. Crossway ESV Bible App It's a family favorite, showing up and used on every iPhone and iPod in this house. The navigation is brilliant.

9. Noah's Bagels from Costco for Sunday mornings. If Costco ever discontinues these, we'll be in serious trouble. Are you listening, Costco?

8. Scratch paper I offer to take used paper destined for the dumpster off the hands of anyone and everyone, because I print almost everything for school on the back of scratch paper and on my printer's draft setting. I am that cheap.

7. Klean Kanteens We gave our kids these sturdy water bottles 4 years ago for Easter, and they all still have them, save for one (the oldest. Go figure.) Having designated water bottles eliminates the million cups that filled the sink by noon, and the stainless steel bottles don't have a funny off-taste.

6. Cozi Ten people's schedules. Ten. That's 4 jobs, two ballet classes, 4 piano lessons, 1 lifeguard class, 2 summer campers, 1 in speech therapy, 1 in neurodevelopmental assessment, 8 to the lake, 2 to Mexico, 1 to Texas, 2 to Southern California, 1 to Santa Cruz, 2 to Sacramento, 7 to San Francisco, 2 camping, 1 art class, 5 birthday parties, 2 graduation parties, back porch parties, 5 optometry appointments, 2 doctor appointments, 4 ortho appointments... and that's just our summer. Cozi saves us.


5. Sky Chairs We have 5 of these on our back porch and have an order in for 2 more. When friends come to visit, this is where we all land. Sunday afternoons find me and a book there, too.

4. Beach Towels We live in the pool from May to September, and in the off months I still find myself washing beach towels for the winter water polo season. Fletch and I prefer their size so we use them for bath towels, too- way more affordable than bath sheets.

3. Charlie's Soap  Big container, nothing yucky, no scent, hypo-allergenic, and very reasonable. With all the laundry we do and the few who have skin sensitivity, Charlie's Soap is a must-have.

2. Toothbrushes Want to know what our family dentist/dad says are the best ones on the market? The ones you actually use. ;)

1. Jesus Just give me Jesus. He's the only thing I never, ever want to live without.



This blog hop is inspired by our dear friend and sister Angie of Many Little Blessings. We would love to have you join us during our ten week adventure. Please link up at Angie’s blog by clicking the image below.