10 Totally Random Things On My Mind

Greek or French? Jack needs to decide which one to study this year and I don't want to sway him.

Prophecy. Someone I value spoke into my life this week and it humbled me. No one has ever said, "I have a prophecy for you", but he did and he was right. The Holy Spirit- wow.

Summer is a difficult time to blog.

A book. A big book that wants me to write it.

Wedding Rings

Grace and forgiveness and mercy in the life of a new baby, arriving a wee bit early. God gets the glory.

Gas Mileage

Contentment. I'll be speaking on Contending with Discontent to the women at Redeemer Church in Modesto. Won't you join us?

Sending my boys off to serve across the border.

Frozen Yogurt


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