2012-2013 Curriculum in our Homeschool

Mussolini, or history study in the eyes of a 12-year-old boy


Hi everyone! I guess I didn't realize that I've posted our curriculum plans in years past, but reader Mary emailed to ask where my 2012-2013 curriculum post was :D  Here you go, Mary. For you-


Nate (senior)

Geometry- Teaching Textbooks
Humanities- Sonlight 300 (finishing last half after taking a break to do Classical Conversations Challenge last year)
Spanish II- Breaking the Spanish Barrier II, iTunes 5 Minute Spanish
Classical Guitar (private lessons)
Music Theory- Theory Time
Guitar Orchestra- junior college ensemble
AP Government- Patrick Henry College (online)


Jack (sophomore)

Biology- friend from church overseeing his biology this year. Using CA state text.
Geometry- Khan Academy
Biola Torrey Academy Inklings
Spanish- Breaking the Spanish Barrier I, iTunes 5 Minute Spanish
Art- SchoolhouseTeachers, Khan Art History, Art with Pilar at CurrClick
Water Polo

Abby (8th)

Veritas Press Omnibus II                    
Algebra I- Teaching Textbooks
History- Mystery of History II
Science- God's Design for Chemistry                                   
Latin- Latin for Children B                                 
Write with WORLD
All About Spelling

Caroline (6th)

Rod and Staff Math 5
History- Mystery of History II
Science- Exploring Creation with Botany
Imitation in Writing Fairy Tales
Rod and Staff Grammar 6
Art- SchoolhouseTeachers
Song School Greek, then Latin for Children A

Annesley (3rd)

Rod and Staff Math 4
Art- Schoolhouse Teachers
Song School Greek
Science- Exploring Creation with Botany
History- Mystery of History II
Writing- English for the Thougtful Child II
Handwriting- Finish Handwriting Without Tears Cursive, then copywork

Christian (K)

Rod and Staff Kindergarten (called preschool)
Never Bored Books

Joe (preschool)

various preschool materials (using up what we have!), including Pre-K Scholars


My goal this year was to spend as little money as possible, so I'm recycling quite a lot. This actually turned out to be terrific; I discovered things on the shelves I had forgotten about (English for the Thoughtful Child) and downloaded great free printables.

As an aside, I love the online and on-site classes for high schoolers. They love them, too!