Heroines of the Past Bible Study

Homeschool graduate Amy Puetz loves history, and out of her passion for good historical stories comes the Heroines of the Past Bible Study. Much more of a character study than a Bible study, the Heroines of the Past Bible Study covers the lives of some of the most interesting and formidable women in history -- some you're likely familiar with and others you perhaps have never heard of.



Highlighting the lives of women like Florence Nightingale and Joan of Arc, Amy tells a story from each woman's life and then leads girls through a "Virtue Study", asking comrehension questions such as "Who escaped?" and "How did they get away?". Readers are pointed to Scripture to make comparisons of the actions of Biblical characters, or to further teach about a particular virtue such as courage, discretion, and peacemaking.

Hands-on activities drive lessons home and serve as reminders. Amy suggests making a "Box of Visual Reminders", wherein items are placed to remind us of the women in the stories and all that God does for us as we follow Him. In our home we have a "Faithfulness Shelf", where we place items that remind us of God's faithfulness to our family. A Box of Visual Reminders would serve in the same way, reminding us of all the ways God has blessed and cared for us throughout the years.


Heroines of the Past Bible Study covers the lives of:

Abbie Burgess



Edith Cavell

Edith, princess of Scotland

Elizabeth Hutchinson

Elizabeth Zane


Florence Nightingale

Grace Darling

Grace Vernon Bussell

Helen Patterson

Helen Petrie

Jane de Montfort

Jennie Crawford

Jennie Cody

Joan of Arc

Katherine von Bora Luther

Lady Jane Grey

Magdalena Luther

Marcelle Semmer

Mary Slessor

Mother Bickerdyke

Peggy Miller


Polly Daggett

Polly Hopkins

Rebecca and Abigail Bates

Regina Leininger


Sarah Winnemucca

Susanna Dickenson

Ursula Cotta

While Heroines of the Past would be a great study to give a daughter to do on her own (I'd suggest ages 10 and up), it would also be excellent for your Circle Time. I'm always looking for great stories to tell during our group teaching times, and Amy has done a good job of keeping the stories interesting and just long enough. The questions are great springboards for discussion, and I sent my kids flying through their Bibles to see who could look up the reference first. Works for me!

Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.