The Strength of Homeschooling Dads ~ At Ground Level

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I've spent a good number of years in discussions with other homeschooling dads. One thing I've learned is that there is a big difference between homeschooling in theory and homeschooling in actuality. A lot of these dads can preach homeschool theory all day long. They know why they have chosen homeschooling and they can argue into the ground about why their method is the best. Theoretically, they already know how they are going to educate their kids and they know which curriculum will work best in their family. I've noticed a regular trend though; these guys may think they are in charge of the theory, but the truth of the matter is the day-to-day grind of schooling is practically being carried out by their wives.

Listening to these guys brag about their schooling philosophy reminds me of the well decorated generals you see in those war movies. They hover around large maps analyzing how they will implement their battle plans. In theory, it always looks good, but do you know what's wrong with this picture? The war room they are in is not the front line, it is not the fox hole, and it is not the M.A.S.H unit. There are no soldiers or explosions in the war room - except in theory.

What am I getting at here? Once again, I think homeschool dads need to become engaged and learn what is really happening in our classrooms and around our tables. Homeschool dads need to get beyond the theory and see how things are really playing out. We need to homeschool at ground level before the school year begins, during the school year, and after the school year. Rather than just provide the budget and the strategy, we need to get down on the ground and see what's really happening. Where it's working we should be celebrating these accomplishments with our families and where it's failing we should be on the ground helping to figure it out.

Part three coming tomorrow.