What to Expect... a Giveaway!


I learned I was expecting our firstborn in the summer of 1992. Please go easy on me and don't comment about how you were, like, in the 3rd grade. :p

My nurse sister-in-law had just had her first two babies, and she immediately sent me What to Expect When You're Expecting, and it gained a permanent home on my nightstand for the next 8 months. All those weird things that happen in the body when you're pregnant kept me referring to the book over and over again, thinking, "Is this normal?" 

That was before the internet was such a widely-available resource. Now, the authors who wrote the original What to Expect When You're Expecting went on to add What to Expect Before You're Expecting and What to Expect the First Year, and they have fabulous content online at What to Expect

Want to win a copy for yourself or some young mom you know? Leave a comment here telling us what surprised you the most about pregnancy or what you're looking most forward to as an expectant mom. If you're neither pregnant nor have never been, leave a comment telling us about the cutest baby you know!

Two winners will be chosen to receive a set of books. Contest ends January 10th, 2013, at midnight PST. The good guys at What to Expect approached me about giving away a couple of sets of books, but they didn't pay me a cent to be positive about the books. I didn't need any coercion to say such good things ;)

Contest is over and winners have been contacted! Thanks!