Manners: What's the Point?

Amy recently asked on the Preschoolers and Peace Facebook page:

I have a 13-year-old girl who is totally unaware of what people think of her, and grooming. Some of this is good. However, when she eats, she makes a big mess, and doesn't think to use a napkin, etc. She's constantly staining clothes, etc.

I'd like to use this summer to specifically teach her table skills (her dad is homeschooling her, and he is similar). Is there any Biblical basis that I can use for this, or is it just an American thing? Just looking for some experienced mom's thoughts. Thanks.


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What an interesting question, Amy!

I think the Biblical basis is simply putting others first and treating your neighbor better than yourself. For a kid who doesn't care what others think of her (that's the front-sided strength to this!), it may be that you'll need to talk to her about what she thinks of others, and how eating the way she does both dishonors others at the table and creates more work for you in the laundry room. It's also a bit about taking care of the things God has provided for her.

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