Annie's Circle Time

Hey Kendra-

I wanted to email and thank you for your blogging, and all the encouragement and the practical advice you share. I've been meaning to email for quite some time, but part of July, all of August and even some of September was the nasty morning sickness.  I felt better in September and did some serious catching up.

I read through your postings about Circle Time and it sounds like a great way way to add in some things we’ve not been doing(like singing hymns, reading the Bible together, and praying. . . yikes! the very basics!) and be a little more formal about a few things we’ve been enjoying (Five In A Row, Story of the World).

One very nice and unexpected thing that happened as I was sorting through materials and planning the school year was that I realized how much I truly love teaching my children!  As I was ordering books that I’d read with my older children, to read with my younger child, and the materials I will be using with my older children, I found myself in tears remembering all the happy memories and anticipating making new ones! :)

I intended to email last week with our Circle Time order. . . I figure I need to keep it to about an hour.  Our children are 7, nearly 5, and 2,  so most of this will  go well (I hope!)

  • Calendar
  • Weather
  • Pledges (American flag pledge, Alaska flag song, Christian flag pledge)-- one per day
  • Silly Song of the Day-- one child picks each day
  • Hymn of the Week (going sequentially through our church's hymnal)-- watch on youtube
  • Prayer

And now for the hard part of this email.  The reason I did not email as planned last week (or start school on 10/5 as I had also planned) was that I miscarried early Sunday morning (10/4.) I was about 16 weeks and had NO idea before it happened.  Our midwife came over to be with us at the time and that was so helpful.  Our baby was a boy, and we named him Shelomith (meaning peaceful.)  I am recovering physically fairly well. Emotionally, it's been (and will be) hard.   I think it would be helpful to get back into our routine, so I am hoping to start Circle Time tomorrow, and gradually bring on the other topics I'd planned.

I wanted to ask you to pray for me and my family as we make this horrible transition.

Thank you again.


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Please pray for Annie and her family as they recover from their loss.