Back to School Gift Basket Giveaway!

Well, now, here's something fun! You can win some pretty amazing back to school gift baskets in the iHomeschool Network Back to School Toolkit Giveaway!


This is the basket I'm giving away, and it contains a lot of fun, useful, and even yummy tools. Every mom needs chocolate, right? What's in it: 

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The Ultimate Lapbook Handbook
Sherlock Game
How to Study Your Bible for Kids
Secret Code Time
Beautiful Blank Journal
A Girl of Beauty
What Should We Then Know
Tools for Cultivating Your Child's Potential
The Complete Guide to Getting and Staying Organized
Staying Sane as You Homeschool
How to Have a Heart for Your Kids
Tazo Tea and Mug
Pretty little apple candle
$5 Gift Card to Currclick
My favorite chocolate 


The great part is, you can enter as many gift basket giveaways as you like. Here's hoping you win more than one!