Circle Time Resources We've Been Enjoying Lately

Currently, our Circle Time is minimal.  By minimal I mean almost not worthy of it's own separate title because it's almost not even worth mentioning.  Does that make you feel better?  Seasons come and go, and this season has me needing to focus on other areas in order to play catch up from three weeks in the hospital as well as balance a three-year-old and a one-year-old.

We have a short time in the Word and prayer right after we finish breakfast, and I am very fond of the books we're using to coincide with our Psalm reading.

The first is My Brother's Keeper: Letters to a Younger Brother on the Virtues and Vices, Duties and Dangers of Youth.  Lots of discussion with this one, and we are enjoying it because each letter is brief, focused, and interesting.  I'd say it is really suited for my children in the 8-year-old to high school range.  If CBD is out of stock, try Grace and Truth.

The other book we're using right now is365 Manners Kids Should Know. The drawback to this book is that it's written to the adult reader about what we should be teaching our kids, but I am pretty easily able to just pick it up and read it to my kids each day.  We discuss the topic (yesterday was about boys holding doors open for girls and girls holding doors open for anyone in need) and then I often have them role play a scenario of bad and good manners.

We pray, we laugh, we practice our patience with the little ones, and then we get on with the day.