Do You Sometimes Feel Like Dad Gets to Have All the Fun?

Yeah, we do, too. We are the "have to" parent - the one who tells the kids that we have to clean up breakfast and we have to start math and we have to run laundry and we have to . . . you know. The list of have to's is endless. Then dad comes home at the end of the day and -whoosh! - he gets to play with the kids and enjoy them and finish the day with a healthy dose of fun.

That's a wonderful thing (and might be the reverse in your home), but sometimes we moms would like to be the "get to" parent, too! 

We're chatting with Rachael and Davis Carman, owners of Apologia, over on HomeschoolingIRL today. As the homeschooling parents of 7 children themselves, Rachael and Davis know the conundrum of the "have to/get to" parent all too well. Join us! You can listen by clicking through the graphic below or by downloading the episode straight from iTUNES.