Dr. Seuss for Preschoolers and a Contest!

Today is Dr. Seuss's birthday, and in honor of that we're having a little Dr. Seuss blog hop! Hop on over to the other blogs for a whole list of super, silly, Seuss!



Our favorite Dr. Seuss book for the preschool crowd is Dr. Seuss's ABC's. It's so Dr. Seussish!


We had a little Dr. Seuss preschool day with our copy of Dr. Seuss's ABC's, and it was a simple project for this craft-challenged mom.



After we read each letter, we brainstormed a list of words that began with that letter. For "C", we came up with quite a good list, including several that made us giggle. Giggling with preschoolers is one of the best reasons to hang out with them!

Next we put three of the words together to make a silly description, just like Dr. Seuss does.



Christian then drew a picture of his silly three-word description, I labeled it, and then we laminated it to make a placemat. How super, silly, and supper-ready is that?



And now we're going to give away a copy of Dr. Seuss's ABC's so you can have a little silly Seuss fun at your house, too. Here's the catch: comment here with three silly words that describe your preschooler and you'll be entered to win! Contest ends at midnight on March 9th, PST.


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