Fall 2010 Circle Time, Part I

Leah recently sent me a link to her post about their family's Circle Time.  Great ideas there (thanks, Leah!) and it got me to wondering if more of you have posts about Circle Time up on your blogs.  Would you consider sharing with us?

I have lots of fun Circle Time plans in the works, but boy howdy are things looking different for us this year.  Our oldest son has a job detailing cars and taking care of the shop at a car dealership.  He is gone three days a week, and on the other three days he studies (he takes a day off).   This means he's only around for our morning Circle Time two days in the week.

Our next-in-line son is going to a friend's house three days a week for Algebra tutoring (God bless willing friends!), and his at-home mornings are different days than his older brother's.  We have ONE day when we're all home together. Makes for major schedule tweaking!

On our one day together, we're reading Britt Merrick's Big God.  Oh, yes He is a big, big God!  Does it go over the littlest one's heads?  Probably.  Is it simpler than my oldest guys or I can handle reading?  Yup.  But the simple truths of God's love and grace and mercy and BIGness can never be outgrown or under-heard.

We have guests from San Antonio here this week, then we're off to Washington D.C. with our oldest three.  Yippee!  When I return we're starting school whole-hog then tearing our kitchen out.  I want to post more about our fall Circle Time soon, but in the meantime if you're looking for resources, check out the Circle Time page on our Amazon store.

I'll also be giving away some Circle Time ebooks soon!  If you like free stuff, be sure to become a fan of Preschoolers and Peace on Facebook.  I like to sneak little giveaways in there :)