Full of Gluten and Dairy Pound Cake

We eat gluten free and dairy free BUT, we had a guest for dinner this past weekend and she was a wonderful excuse for me to make my favorite pound cake recipe. Oh, beautiful fully-filled-with-gluten-and-dairy pound cake, how I've missed you!


This cake calls for a thorough mixing, which means that if you have to leave the mixer to tend to a toddler, it won't be ruined.


I substitute the vanilla called for in the recipe for a lovely citrusy secret ingredient from King Arthur Flour, Fiori di Sicilia. King Arthur's description of the flavor includes, "You know that wonderful marriage of flavors you taste when you combine vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet in the same bowl?" Yes, that deliciousness.


Batter poured into a lovely Nordic Ware Sunflower pan, a gift from my mother-in-law.