How Adding Two New Daughters Has Changed Life For Michele

. . . bringing the total in the White home to 7 kids, 2 adults.

1. Adoption is hard. We spend a lot of our time snuggling our little girls so that they will learn they are safe and loved.

2. The amount of fruit that we are going through is tremendous. I felt silly buying this many bananas as Sam's Club the other day. They are almost gone now, just three days later.

3. We do a lot of story reading. And muffin eating, as we try to learn what the girls will eat. And that baby gate? It's getting a lot of use again, too :)

4. That beautiful hair is now my responsibility. So Mama is on a steep learning curve!!

5. Those little hands are learning in the kitchen, just like all the other kids did. She loved the flour :)

6. The laundry has grown exponentially. I forgot that little people get so dirty! Our youngest doesn't know how to use anything but a bottle, so we are teaching her, resulting in a bunch of wet shirts or bibs. And the 2-year-old is a daredevil outside, frequently needing a change of pants because she rolled around in the mud. Again.

7. I got a FitBit when I bought my new phone a few weeks ago. It records the number of steps I take each day, to help me reach the goal of 10,000 by the end of the day. I frequently hit that goal by 2pm. Mama is moving all day long!!

8. And, lastly, my oldest daughter spoke my love language for Christmas. I'm not getting a lot of sleep at night and programming the coffee pot the night before is one of my favorite things to do :)