Our Fall Circle Time 2011

Call me particularly slow, but I was not prepared for this season of my life.I mean, I knew when I found out I was expecting Mighty Joe when Christian was just 5 months old that things would be crazy, but I didn't expect them to be this crazy.

For one thing, these two little boys (ages 4 and 3) are busy with a capital B. You would think I would remember that, having had three boys in 4 years, but that seems like ages ago now that they're all teenagers. Additionally, although we knew we were facing challenges because of Mighty Joe's brain damage, we did not know to what extent, or how that would shape our lives. Just a big unknown, you know?

And now we know. Joe turned 3 in May, but in many ways he behaves much more like a two-year-old. Plus, he has these odd little behaviors as a result of his slow and unorthodox neuro-development. He hums, which is cute the first two or three rounds of Joy to the World. He hums all day long, which really isn't cute.

He can be hyper, a lot like a puppy who runs around the living room in circles over and over and over ... again. He doesn't really like to sit still anymore. When he actually was two, he was super mellow. Our 16-year-old called him "chill". Now that he's actually developmentally a two-year-old, he's no longer chill. Cute, but not chill.

Cheesy Joe.JPG

You probably can tell where this is going in regards to Circle Time, can't you? Our Circle Time this fall will be short, sweet, and active.

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We'll be going through The Essential 55, which we used some years back with great success. We had really good conversations with the kids about each "essential", and how having good manners and habits is really all about treating others better than ourselves.

We'll be memorizing our theme verses for the year, Proverbs 8:22-36. Given Joe's capacity for sitting, that should take us all year long.

We'll pull out the gratitude journals and remind ourselves of all that God has done for us.

We'll be getting up and moving, using any number of workout videos we own, the pool when it's warm, and the stairs. Who needs a gym when you have stairs?

That's all, folks. It's doable. Maybe we'll get to do more, but if I keep my expectations low, we'll have a lot of success and the opportunity for both busy boys to learn to be a part of Circle Time in a way that blesses all of us. Someday, they'll be the only ones sitting in our Circle Time and this season of crazy little boys will be a far distant memory. I can say that with confidence because their big brothers are so... big.