Summer Circle Time Plans

This month marks the end of my 14th year homeschooling our children. I'm tired. I really relish lazier summers where we stack books from the library and take long hours to read them, hop in the car for Slurpee runs, swim away the morning heat, and chop up salads for dinner.

All that free-and-easiness lasts about a week, and then the lack of structure begins to show in the behavior of my younger kids. They get snippy with each other and sassy with me. They seem restless. I find myself answering their declarations of boredom with, "Go find something to do. I'm not your cruise director." Hee.

To be proactive, I do plan a Circle Time for the summer, and we all tend to really enjoy the start of our summer days this way. Here's this summer's plan:

 ♥ Review My ABC Bible Verses. We'd been memorizing these this spring and I don't want to lose them. Even our 13-year-old has been memorizing these with us, although he and the 11-year-old are way above the little story. They're great about working on the verses with the little guys.


 ♥ Read the Psalm of the day. Some years it's been Proverbs, but this year we're working our way through the Psalms.


 ♥ Work on projects from Amanda, ideas the kids have, and things we want to do for others.

 ♥ Letter writing. We have some elderly friends we love to send cards and letters to. We also like to write to pen pals and missionary friends.


That's it for now. Pretty short and sweet, but enough to keep us glued together in heart before the busyness of the day sets in.