Grateful for Grace


So many of you are writing and tweeting and posting your thoughts on living in grace and freedom, and it has been a total blessing to me. Thank you. Linda emailed me last night and I loved her words:


Thanks for all the posts on grace. Not like I'm ancient or anything, but the older I'm getting, the more I realize how much I need grace and how it allows me to be a grace-giver.

I don't need legalism and judgement. I just need Jesus and his grace. I'm finishing up Grace for the Good Girl and downloaded Give them Grace. Learning so much, little by little and tasting freedom.

I think a lot of it started when we brought our daughter home from China. Raising her has turned my parenting ideas upside down and forced me to focus simply on loving her with grace and freedom. Discipline, anger and neglect left her as merely a shell of a person. I've wrestled with how my heart has led me to parent her versus the way I've always done it and worried about what others might think. I finally had to shake all that off and listen to the grace of the Spirit. In turn, it has made me do a lot of personal soul-searching along the way.

I'm sure there are some, even some family, that think we've turned into heathens and our children are surely going to hell now, but instead we are slowly learning the freedom and joy that comes from being released from the oppressive burden of legalism.

Again, thanks for having the courage to speak up. People need to hear grace and sometimes they just need someone to give them permission to be free.


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Great Guest Month!- Secure in the Gospel- Heather Applegate

Young wives and moms often ask, "What do I do?" Whether we're asking for direction in our marriages, in our mothering, or in our ministries, we tend to want to know what the list is. Just give me a list, and I'm good to go. Just tell me the steps to holiness and I can do that.

Except, we can't. We can't keep the law perfectly. There is only one perfect human and He died with your "I can't" nailed to Him. The key, then, is learning to rest in the security of the Gospel, wherein all of our lists are fulfilled and we know we are loved, accepted, and perfect in His sight. Our "I can'ts", then, become His perfect righteousness and finished work. AMEN!



Heather has been a dear friend and a listening ear with an open home and heart to all of our family. She is our pastor Jim's wife, homeschooling mom of five, cake baker extraordinaire, and lover of Christ. Recently we were chatting about how the security of the Gospel and the love of God changes everything, including our lists. Thought you might like to listen in!



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