Connecting With My tweens: Zootopia Edition

I will confess that our family has watched Zootopia at least five times since it was released on DVD a few weeks ago. We loved the movie when we saw it in the theater and Grandma bought it for the kids when it was released. And, surprisingly, our active four-year-old will sit and watch the entire thing. We don’t watch it every day, but he would love it if we did. 

Although I write a lot about my four-year-old, because he is still a preschooler, we also have older kids, girls nearly 11 and 13 years old. They are fabulous girls who love their little brothers, but they also crave time to be just themselves and not an older sibling. 

Earlier this week, after our girls’ Bible study was over, my oldest and I were chatting with one of the other girls and discovered (SHOCK HORROR!) she had never seen Zootopia! It took me about 10 seconds to decide that we were having a tween showing on the next Saturday night. I texted my daughter from the living room to invite five friends for a movie on Saturday night at 6pm. She texted back from her bedroom three minutes later “They’re coming! THANKS MOM!” We ended up inviting a few more and so we currently have eight girls sitting in our living room, along with my three little boys, watching Zootopia. And eating so much popcorn I can’t even measure it.

If you are the mom of bigs and littles, it doesn’t have to be complicated to let them know they are a valued part of your family.

Write a few Facebook messages, send a few texts, pop some popcorn and they will come. 

Side note: My oldest told me thank you about 23 times this week and she also told me what a fun mom I am (which was a surprise, because I honestly don’t feel like it most of the time). The interesting thing is that even though this night was for my big kids, my oldest daughter has had her littlest brother sitting on her lap almost the entire evening. Sibling love. 


Kendra says: Michele is one of the most hospitable women I have ever known. But do you know what is so special about her hospitality? She just does it. She has a heart to welcome people into her home and she doesn't fuss over the details. She pops the popcorn and invites the tweens over. People over perfection! 

I Let Someone Graffiti On My Wall

The other day I let someone graffiti my bathroom wall. As in, I handed her the Sharpie markers and told her to do it. It was awesome.

Perhaps a bit of back story might be helpful?

Do you remember reading about my bathroom walls when I talked about Homemade Art For Your Walls? Go ahead, go read it. I’ll wait.

So, early one recent Sunday my husband and I were lying in bed, just chatting before children start clamoring for breakfast. He turned his head and looked at me and said “Oh, we’re having ten extra people for dinner tonight.”

I realize this sounds like a bit of craziness, but it’s actually pretty typical for our family so he knew it was a safe thing to say. I’ll write more another time about our family and hospitality, but that’s not what I want to focus on right now.

Later that day we had some wonderful people come over for dinner, one family that we’re really close to and another family that is close to them but we had never met. The husband and wife both gave me a hug when we were introduced and I knew that it was going to be a great night. I’m an ENFP, so hugging doesn’t give me hives ;)

At some point during the evening the main bathroom was being used and our new friend needed to use the facilities so I told her to use the bathroom in the master suite.

A few minutes later she came out, a big smile on her face, and told me that she had wanted to just whip out a Sharpie and start writing on the walls! I had to remember that my bathroom walls haveBible verses written all over them. I immediately told her that she should do it and handed her a handful of Sharpies.

She was ecstatic and ran off to the bathroom.

And now, whenever I use the bathroom, I see the scripture that she wrote on my wall and I smile.  I think of a great evening spent with new and old friends. I think of the common bond of the Holy Spirit that we find with other believers. I am so glad that God is using our house for His purposes.


Hospitality and the Real Mom

Today's Google+ Hangout was a lot of fun! We talked about having people over, loving people where they are, and remembering that it's all about relationships and not perfection. We kept it short and sweet so that you can grab a moment to watch during your busy summer day.

If you're reading this in your email update, click on through to see the video.

Kendra wrote a post on entertaining a lot of people on a little money here.

Michele will be sharing her delicious lemonade recipe tomorrow!