{pretty, happy, funny, real} for 12 July, 2012

{pretty} The grapes that run alongside our driveway are looking scrumptious (and pretty).


{happy} I collect these Starbucks mugs from all over the world, and recently friends have brought them home for me from London, China, Calgary, and England. Lovely! (Yes, I know London is in England. But they are two separate mugs.)


{funny} Mighty Joe chose Thomas the Tank Engine undies for potty training. This is not only cute, it's totally awesome! 19 years of diapers have come to an end.


{real} The mess that is the schoolroom, but this is a before pic and the "afters" will go up on the blog as I post about school planning next week. You all ready to tackle that?



round button chicken


{pretty, happy, funny, real} for 28 June, 2012

{pretty} new curtains! yay! a long time coming.


{happy} christian is our 7th child to work his way through the rod and staff kindergarten curriculum. it's comforting and sweet to get to certain lessons that we have loved for so long, but it brings me a little sadness to think these two little boys at the end of the line will be the last ones in our home to tell the story of little wang fu of china.


{funny} mighty joe felt the need to show me his gum. and super grover.


{real} when you're the 8th, you sometimes have to wear what is available. in this case, it's a pair of pink water wings.



round button chicken