Jumpin' On the Workbox Bandwagon- With a Twist

Anything that gets me organized, motivated, and allows me to keep school running (nearly) on its own is a winner of an idea. Sue Patrick's workbox system sounded like a good fit for our family, except I wasn't sure how in the world I would get so many boxes in our schoolroom (plus, my frugal side didn't like shelling out so many clams to invest in them, either). After reading through several great blogs which described how workboxes were being used in other people's homes, I landed on the idea of making work files for two of our children- the 3rd grader and the k/1st grader.  While I am planted in the school room in the afternoons, available to any one who needs my help, these two girls can be working through their files systematically. Here's what we did:

I numbered 4 sets of file folders, 1 through 12.  Each set holds the work to be done for each day, and I figured I'd just organize them for four days and keep Fridays for any make-up we need to do. There are 12 folders for each day because that number gives me a lot of options.

Each folder contains a designated activity or paper to complete.  Here in folder number one we have Rod and Staff First Grade Reading Workbook papers, one per day.

Here's the fun part.  I photocopied the boxes of several of her favorite games and then laminated them.  Instead of having to put the whole game in the file or box, I just drop the card in and she goes and gets the game.

Works for outside activities, too...

...and chores...

...and snacks!

So, what goes into each folder?  For our first grader:

1. Rod and Staff Worksheets 2. Rod and Staff Reading Workbook 3. game 4. penmanship 5.  art or Literature Pockets 6.  math 7. outside activity 8. snack 9. puzzle 10. fold laundry 11. dry erase board 12. tidy schoolroom

And for the third grader:

1. Math 2. Art 3. Pathway Readers 4. Visual Perceptual Skill Building 5.  Cursive 6. outside activity 7. snack 8. Writing Tales 9.Craft 10. Copywork 11. Fold Laundry 12. tidy schoolroom

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