What Our Circle Time Looks Like Right Now

Our Circle Time right now is very, very unimpressive.

I've mentioned in the eBook, Circle Time: Plan the Best Part of Your Homeschool Day! that in the past, we've had Circle Times that have lasted for as long as 2 hours.

But not now.

Now, we have Mighty Joe. Mighty Joe, who is four years old, a boy, and brain-injured. His ability to sit and concentrate is, well, non-existent. We also have Christian, who is six years old, a boy, and very bright. His ability to sit and concentrate is fleeting, and depends largely on his interest in the subject. So, you know, normal.

I bet you've had seasons of Circle Time like that too, right?



Now we do two things:

We read the extremely short devotional from Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing and we pray.

That's it.

But really, that's not all it is. Because even though our planned activities are very short, those two little boys are learning what I think is one of the crown jewels of Circle Time: we want them there. We want to pray with them and teach them to sit and listen and laugh, too. 

Being together, reading, praying... That's the heart of Circle Time.