Zac and Abby Sunderland: Homeschoolers Who Inspire (and a Giveaway!)

Kids without any expectations of them and no responsibility, what are they going to amount to? ~Laurence Sunderland


Zac Sunderland arrives home


In 2008, Zac Sunderland set off on a trip of a lifetime: to sail around the world. The Sunderlands are a homeschooling, sailing family, and their desire was to equip Zac to do what he felt God was leading him to do. They dreamed big, allowed Zac to dream big, and prayed for his safety all the way through.

Zac's journey was not without its troubles. I'm not being dramatic when I tell you that he lost equipment, found himself in an unfriendly port, and averted the danger of pirates. Yes, pirates!

And he prevailed. In July of 2009, Zac completed his trip, becoming the youngest person to sail around the world.


Wild Eyes: The Abby Sunderland Story Trailer


And then, there is Abby. After watching her brother Zac complete his journey, Abby Sunderland had a similar dream, and in January 2010, Abby set out to sail around the world, too. 

Unfortunately, Abby's trip didn't go as well as Zac's. Her sailboat was rolled by a massive rogue wave and her trip was ended halfway through. I remember being glued to the television, waiting to hear the news:


Abby Sunderland found alive


And we heard the criticisms, too. Her parents should have protected her better. She didn't have the experience needed to make the trip. Who did they think they were letting her go?

But, oh, this parenting gig we all are a part of is personal. It isn't one-size-fits-all. There isn't a blueprint or a path that every parent, every family, and every child should follow. We need to be very, very careful that we don't place our convictions and expectations on others.

Abby is declaring the glory of God as she pursues God-sized dreams. I want my kids to serve God and dream big, no matter what that looks like!

Would you like your kids to be encouraged to dream big, too? Zac and Abby's stories have been told in two really fantastic award-winning documentaries for the whole family. I'm helping to get the word out about their films and stories because we really enjoyed them in our home and these days, encouraging stories about courageous kids are few and far between. Stories told well about homeschooled kids raised in families who honor God are even more scarce, aren't they?

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Giveaway closes on February 23, midnight PST