Write it Down





Lisa saw this in my kitchen and said, "You should blog about that!"  It isn't anything revolutionary, for certain, but it is another example of something that brings us peace.


I found this board last week at Wal Mart on the clearance aisle.  Five bucks.  I like that it's a clear board- something a little different than a white board.  Makes our dirt colored paint the background.


I know I've blogged before about how I need things written down because I don't think well on my feet, and this is just an example of that reality.  Wednesdays are our lessons day- piano and guitar, plus we babysit Lisa's nappers in the afternoon and we try to do some history or art projects together.  So because the daily schedule deviates on Wednesdays, I was finding it necessary to write it out so everyone knows what to expect.  Yes, you still have to get some work done even if we are gone in the morning :)