Bear One Another's Burdens

I am NOT a science girl.  When my husband was in dental school, he took me to see "his" cadaver.  Yep.  Me.  The one who wretches when he tells me stories of his patient's abcesses.


So it isn't difficult for me to give up the teaching of science.  And God has blessed me with a best friend who loves science.  The girl LOVES to dissect stuff. 


When our 9-year-old announced he would like to dissect a turtle, I had him call Lisa to see if she was game.  She was thrilled!  Several weeks ago they set to work on the back porch and I stayed inside.  All went well until Lisa decided to dissect her own thumb with the scalpel.  That grossed me out, too.











Next post I'll write more about bearing one another's burdens.  We have abundant opportunities to do this in practical ways with our homeschooling sisters and brothers.