Chores! Part Three- What Chores Can Preschoolers Do?



So what chores can a two-year-old actually do?  Three-year-old?  Four-year-old?  I'll list what ours have done at these ages and you can add yours in the comments, too.


Put dirty clothes in hamper

Fetch diaper and wipes (and lots of other things!)

Fold pajamas in half and put them away

Brush teeth

Pick up toys (provide containers that don't require precise organization)

Clear plate and cup



Begin to make bed- pull up blankets and "tidy" it (lower your expectations here)

Set table (providing a picture of a set place is helpful)

Wipe up spills

Empty dryer into a laundry basket

Empty lint trap

Fetch bottles and cups (do you find these lying all over your house, too?)


Gather and sort laundry

Use a small canister vacuum

Dust the tv

Pick up outside toys

Fetch the pool towels and bring them inside to be washed

Empty trash

Help empty dishwasher

Fold rags


Put clean clothes away neatly

Clean toilet and wipe down sink with antibacterial wipes

Feed pets

Fetch the mail


Beginning organization (the Tupperware cupboard is great for this!)

Water plants

Strip bed