Chores! Part Two- Do What Works for You




We were mostly a chore chart family until recently.  Many of you are familiar with Steve and Teri Maxwell's newest book, Managers of Their Chores, and if you're not you might want to go take a look.

While our children have always had chores and yours might as well, we had a perennial problem of "forgetting" certain chores, particularly if I was busy doing chores myself.  My follow-up wasn't always the best.  The Maxwells teach a system that utilizes clip-on packs with the child's chores printed neatly on each card and then WORN.  Yes, worn.  This is brilliant!  No more forgetting, no more missing critical chores, no more me failing to check the finished work.

You can make cards with pictures on them for your non-readers:



It's working for us now. Do what works for you now!